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    Our names are Matteo and Emily. We met over 9 years ago while studying at Bond University, Gold Coast.

    It's pretty much the typical girl meets guy story.

    We had three main things in common; we're half Italian, we liked each other and were pioneers exploring the culture of Coffee.

    Our dates were coffee dates.

    Our study was coffee mechanics.

    Interest was brewing. 

    We blended.

    We baristad.

    Our coffee affair was an intrinsic part of our relationship.

    You might say the love of our lives. 

    Today, we have two young children, we still really like each other and we are still all about good coffee.

    As it turns out Emily is a pretty good cook, partner and mother. 

    It's our 10th anniversary this year, so I decided to show my appreciation and give Emily a Valentine's gift to remember. 

    We're taking our relationship to the next level; business partners.

    If we can make this work we can make anything work.

    This is Curino Coffee.

    We source only the finest coffee from around the world.

    Roasted to perfection. 

    Deliver to you guaranteed, without exception.

    Every time.

    Quality with excellence. 

    Every time.

    Dedicated to Emily Curino.

    My Beautiful Wife, Nurturing Mother and Lover, of great coffee.